The Seven Most Useful Wheel Loader Attachments

Wheel loader attachments can boost the versatility of your machine, leading to greater utilization and potentially even new revenue for your business.

When looking for attachments, consider the style of wheel loader you’re operating. A wheel loader with a parallel-lift linkage instead of the standard Z-bar is a tool carrier.

With a parallel-lift linkage, there are two, hydraulic cylinders above each arm for the bucket. With the cylinders tucked on either side, along with the parallel-lift linkage of the tool carrier gives the operator a better view of the attachment. The attachment also stays flat when you raise it rather than rolling backward as it would in a machine with a Z-bar linkage.

The benefit of the Z-bar linkage is greater bucket breakout force, which makes it preferable for digging into and moving piles.

However, you can still put forks on a wheel loader with a Z-bar linkage or move a pile with a parallel-lift linkage and a bucket. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Try one of these attachments from a local dealer and see if they help you get more done with your wheel loader.

Wheel Loader Grapple Bucket


Grapple buckets are designed for moving odd-sized items. These are a must for working in recycling, demolition, land clearing or any other job that requires moving material that doesn’t fit neatly in a bucket.

Look for a grapple bucket with a bolt-on cutting edge. That feature lets you easily put a new edge on the bucket, which is useful if you’re moving rough material like demo’d concrete and rebar.

Wheel Loader Forks


Forks, or pallet forks, make it easier to lift and move objects on pallets.

A pallet fork with adjustable tines can be made narrower or wider to match the pallet you need to lift.

Wheel Loader Snow Pusher Attachment


Snow pusher attachments are ideal for moving snow in large parking lots, roadways and driveways.

Snow pushers with a rubber cutting edge are less likely to cause damage to paved surfaces.

Some snow pushers can be mounted directly to a wheel loader bucket. This makes it easier to push the snow into an area, quickly take off the snow pusher, and then use the bucket to pile the snow or load it in trucks.

Wheel Loader Rock Bucket


Rock buckets are built for digging into rock piles or other abrasive material. Most have teeth which can be welded on for added durability, and some buckets have a spade nose design to help the bucket penetrate into the pile.

Wheel Loader Light Material Bucket


Light material buckets have increased capacity for moving material that is relatively lightweight, like snow or mulch. A light material bucket is a simple way to increase your productivity when handling this type of material.

Wheel Loader Quick Coupler


With a quick coupler, you can attach a non-hydraulic attachment to your wheel loader without leaving the cab. If you frequently swap buckets or attachments, a quick coupler can be a time-saving investment.

Wheel Loader General Purpose Bucket


The general purpose bucket is the bucket you likely purchased with your wheel loader. This versatile do-it-all design is effective for most common material-handling jobs. Is it the best bucket for your job? Depends. Tell your sales specialist how you’re using your wheel loader to see if a different bucket might be more productive for you.

More Ways To Increase Wheel Loader Productivity


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Post time: Jan-06-2022