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The tire protection chain for loader is suitable for bulldozing, loading and ...

Any size can be customized according to customer requirements. Common sizes are as follows:10.00-16,10.00-20,11.00-16,11.00-20,12.00-16,12.00-20,12.00-24,14.00-24,14.00-25,16/70-20,16/70-24,17.5-25,18.00-24,18.00-25,18.00-33,20.5-25,21.00-33,21.00-35,23.1-26,23.5-25,26.5-25,29.5-25,33.5-35,33.5-33,33.5-39,35/65-33cm-4,35/65-33cm-5,37.5-35,37.5-33,37.5-39,38-39cm-4,38-39cm-5,40/65-39cm-4,40/65-45cm-4,40/65-45cm-5 Our company produces tire protection chains for oversized tires. These tire protection chains are used for wheel loaders, bulldozers, mining and quarry trucks, scrapers and graders. It is also called ORT chains, anti-slip chains, and off road tire protection chains. The use of the Security Heavy Duty off Road Tire Anti Skid Chains extends the service life of the tire by 3 - 5 times, provides effective protection of the tread and sidewalls of the tire from premature wear, cuts and punctures, peeling of the tread when operating equipment in harsh environments (rocks of medium and high strength, sharp fragments of rocks, glass, debris, metallurgical scrap, high temperature). People who use pneumatic-wheeled mining and quarrying equipment are well aware that in the structure of operating costs, fuels and lubricants are in the first place, while tires are in the second place. It is difficult to save on the first one. But the savings on the second is quite affordable and obvious; it can be done easily by applying Wilson tire protection chains. What’s more, there are many advantages of Wilson heavy-duty trucks tire protection chain. 1) The heavy duty tire protective chains protect the tire from cuts and punctures during the entire service life. It is impossible to quantify the likelihood of getting a cut on a tire, and eventually harming the vehicle itself. This can happen any time during the service, so it is better to have the chain protected always. 2)The protection chains save your time and cost in maintaining, supervising and exchanging the tires. 3)The wheel loader tire protection chains reduce the slip, keep safe and improve efficiency. 4)The protection chains help the machine climb slopes safely without slip. 5)With this protection chains on wheel loader tire, there is no need to purchase expensive radial tires, diagonal L4 tires will be good enough. Wilson security heavy duty off road tire anti skid chains can work in many conditions, such as: 1. Quarry; 2. Underground construction; 3. Mining; 4.Glass and tile work conditions; 5. Harsh environments with high temperature. Choose Wilson tyre protection chains; protect your loaders and trucks from the harms of versatile difficult environments. Wilson tyre protection chains have been sold world-widely, with high quality and reputation. We assure a quality warranty and good service. It should be noted that the above calculation does not take into account quite significant factors that increase savings: Chains protect the tire from cuts and punctures during the entire service life of the tire. It is impossible to quantify the likelihood of getting a cut, causing the tire, and, as a result, the car in order. This can happen both in the first ten engine hours of her work, and in the second thousand engine hours. One thing is clear - you can safely work with chains, significantly reducing the risks of premature tire failure; - costs are significantly reduced due to machine downtime and oversized tire fitting; - Chains, reducing the slip of the front wheels of the bucket loaders and LHD at the time of the bucket collection, thereby increase the force on the bucket edge. This leads to the fact that the bucket is recruited completely from one run, which excludes repeated attempts, leading to additional fuel consumption and load on the machine as a whole; - when moving the LHD along mine workings with increased (more than 7–10%) slopes, the chain completely excludes slipping on slopes. The costs for leveling and cleaning up the "bottom" in mine workings are noticeably reduced, since with chains the machine becomes more "indifferent" to the relief of the routes along which it moves; - the requirements for the actual tires that will work with the chains are significantly reduced. For the chain, there is no need to purchase relatively expensive (mine L5 or treadless L5S) radial tires, diagonal L4 tires will be enough. And this is already a reduction in the cost of the tire itself by 20-40%. For the choice of the types and dimensions of tire protection chains you are interested in, contact our specialists.
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