Mini Spider Cranes of Wilson

Similar to conventional cranes, Mini Spider Cranes , or some called “Mini Crawler Crane” is a piece of cranage equipment designed for heavy load lifting. Different from a conventional mobile crane, the mini spider crane is extremely small in size and designed for indoor use and tight space operation.

Mini Spider Crane is more user-friendly, safe to use, and ideal in areas with restricted access due to its compact size. Mini spider cranes are equipped with crawler tracks and retractable outriggers for easy transport and utmost handling. Usually, mini spider cranes can travel through confined spaces such as standard single doorways and most cargo lifts. Besides that, it is also able to work on various working ground conditions such as slopes, stairways, passageways, and other difficult-to-reach places with minimal setup time.

Benefits of using a Mini Spider Crane:

 ●Compact body with stable outriggers for maneuverability.
 ●Equipped with crawler tracks to travel on multiple terrains.
 ●Some models are electric-powered for indoor usage.
 ●Extremely lightweight compared to conventional mobile cranes.
 ●Some models offer remote control functionality for safety and convenience.
Mini spider cranes come with a wide range of maximum lifting weight (1 tonne to 14 tonnes) and lifting height of up to 32 meters. 


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Post time: Jul-08-2022