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Rotate 360 loading and unloading machine

Rotate 360 degree loading and unloading machine also named as: rotate reach container handler, rotate container loading trucks, rotary container loader, rotary stacker crane, 360 degree container dumping machine, container turning loader and etc. Wilson 360 degree rotate container loading machine is professional equipment designed to rotate the container 360 degrees. Such makes it very easy to load and unload the bulk materials such as ores, lumps, gravels, sands and pebbles. It could unload and empty a whole container within 2 minutes, this is a green and efficient way for container gathering and distributing. The rotary 360 degree container loader can lift from 5 tons to 30 tons. It features large carrying force, flexible operation and high working efficiency. It is widely used in sea-forwarding, to handle the container that loads and unloads materials from quarries and mines, project sites, loading yards and ports.
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