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1 Ton Newest design top quality European standard electric mini spider crawle...

This kind of small mobile electric crawler crane has a wide range of use. It can enter the narrow site smoothly and finish lifting jobs via its automatic telescopic boom. The remote control telescopic boom mini spider crane with CE/ISO has a large working radius. It can be used for construction site, high-rise transmission, post and advertisement, tree-planting and many other places. XWS-1T brand new spider lifting crawler crane has very high flexibility and super stability which makes it more suitable for narrow roads, slopes work sites and muddy and uneven places. Nowadays this mini spider cranes with large lifting height is needed in more and more places of the world to finish heavy duty aerial and lifting jobs at versatile working scenarios. Wilson Machinery has more than 20 years research and development experience for telescopic boom arm machines and crawler cranes, our 1T mini spider lifting crawler cranes can be 100% trusted.
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