All electric conventional stacker

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PSE / PSB series and PS16w are suitable for medium-sized stacking operation, with a load of 1200kg / 1500kg / 1600kg.
·Wide gantry, high lifting load and good vision.
·Optional foldable pedal, protective arm and maintenance free battery, suitable for low-strength load applications.
·The handle with AC drive and can bus technology is adopted to improve the overall performance of the vehicle and reduce the maintenance cost.

Main features:
With CAN-bus ergonomic handle, both left and right hands can operate conveniently.
Power distribution system (EPS).
There are multi-functional storage areas for packaging films, documents and writing boards.
With protective arm and foldable pedal. More flexibility when operating in a narrow space (optional).
There are multiple gantry heights that can meet the requirements of different lifting heights. The gantry is designed in series to meet the lifting height of different requirements.

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