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Double-Telescopic Boom Forklift loader

Double telescopic boom forklift loader, also named as two-armed boom forklift loader, double arm telescopic handler, double-armed telehandler, double-armed forklift trucks. Wilson Double-Telescopic Boom Forklift Loader brings great change to the traditional way of handling containers. It allows a single person to load/unload the goods from containers easily. It also allows a single person to manipulate the containers easily at ports and at loading yards. It can lift, carry and drop the containers on truck very simply. The double boom arm loader can lift from 5 tons to 50 tons. It features large carrying force, small turning radius, flexible operation and high working efficiency. It is widely used in construction sites, gravel yards, quarries and mines, project sites, loading yards and ports to handle very heavy cargos such as stone blocks, ores, containers and etc.
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