Pedestrian electric stacker

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Long handle design is ergonomic and safe

The operator can always keep a safe distance from the vehicle when working. Provide the operator with ample control space.

AC drive technology, whether accelerating smoothly or suddenly, provides optimum performance, efficiency and reliability.

Optional electronically controlled proportional lifting ensures accurate positioning and stacking of each lifting height.

Using imported high-quality core components, with performance and reliability.

Robust and reliable design, integral box cover, modular structure, easy disassembly and assembly, easy service and maintenance.

The battery capacity is highly matched with the product model, and the ultimate effect is achieved:

•PS 12L with 180 Ah 2VBS battery for light duty vehicles with good maneuverability in restricted areas.

•p16l with 270 Ah 3VBS battery, durable and stable.

• PS 20L, 350 AH DIN 3PzS battery for long runs and multiple shifts.

And optional side-pull battery structure, wide legs

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