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3 Ton micro spider crane crawler crane with hydraulic telescopic outrigger sm...

XWS-3T mini Spider Crane lifting machine, also called mini spider crawler crane with max-lifting height of 9.2m with free shipping .The feature of XWS-3T is that it moves as a crawler, and when lifting it reaches out its arms to support and keep steady the gravity center. Wilson 3 tone mini electric spider crane is China’s hot sale which can be used in various narrow places. What’s more, this small size foldable 3ton construction machine is flexible whether it is outdoor or indoor operation. The 3T portable mini hydraulic mobile crawler spider crane is durable and can handle difficult lifting jobs in versatile working environments, especially when the working site is small and uneven. The special safe design on Wilson mini crawler crane to prevent mal-operation makes it easy for the operator to accomplish the lifting work safely.
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